Wow Inspiring Wednesday! TOMs

By now for sure you've heard of or seen TOMs shoes.  This amazing brand pays it forward by providing footwear for the less fortunate.  For every purchase made the company gives a pair to someone less fortunes through their giving partners.  But they even go further that! Their newly launched eyewear division helps to enhance someones vision with every pair bought.  This company eats, breathes and lives giving back and helping others.   Even their brick and mortar stores are built with repurposed materials, serve fair trade coffee, healthy GMO free snacks and the list goes on.  This is truly an inspiring company, everything they do has a positive impact on everyone and thing that is involved.  Check out their newly stocked homewares that are also eco friendly and fair trade, the prices are right also!


Here is a little insight to where their goodness is being put to good use, take note that it is the entire earth, that is pretty impressive for a small startup that has grown huge in the past 8 years!

To read more about their awesome efforts check out the TOMs website!!

Thanks TOMs, keep on keeping on!


Have a happy day, NEON RAE!!!