Too Crafty Tuesday! Giant Poms from Gathered :)

What's better than pom poms?  Poms the size of your hand!!  Use super duper chunky yarn to get that mega-fluffy effect. Mind blowing fun!

You will need to gather these items first:

• One ball of chunky yarn (or multiple colors if you wish!)
• Cardboard 
• Pencil
• Craft knife
• Cutting mat
• Scissors

Step 1 Trace a 22cm circle onto cardboard and cut it out. Draw an 8cm circle in the centre, and it cut out, giving you a doughnut shape. Now make a second one. Sandwich together and begin winding yarn around the rings.

Tip: double up the yarn to make the process quicker

Step 2 Keep winding until you can’t fit the yarn through the middle any more. Cut a length of yarn about 50cm long and set aside for later. Insert scissors between cardboard discs and snip snip snip the wrapped yarn all the way round.

Step 3 Double up your 50cm length of yarn, slip it between the discs and tie lightly. Wrap and knot a few times to make sure it’s secure. Remove cardboard discs, scrunch your pom pom and give it a light trim to even up.

This tutorial originally appeared in issue 26 of Gathered by Mollie Makes.  Thanks Mollie Makes!


Have a happy day!