Try to go a whole day without listening to music.  It is darn well impossible!  Music is everywhere, commercials, at the gas station, in the car next to you, on your favorite blog, the birds outside are even making music!  Music plays a huge role in our lives at NEON RAE, from work to play and beyond.  I use the SHAZAM app all the time to capture tunes that I love.  It is a great way to compile new finds in one spot.  Their platform is also getting easier and easier to use with every update.  Now you can purchase a song or album straight from their app!  Here are a couple of recent SHAZAMs I have collected and that help keep me in a positive place when I am stuck in Los Angeles traffic.  Let's not forget how important music is to children's development, it aids everything from speech to movement!  

I was first introduced to JJ Cale by my father who was a huge lover of music.  These sounds keep me moving and happy!

JJ CALE          


That voice though! So smooth and filled with bass, but the beats are even better.  70's soul with a taste of disco helps me stay focused when I am in the studio creating or catching up on emails.



Rap was pretty epic in the 90's.  They sampled some of the best beats and rhythms during those days.  I am super inspired by their great one liners.  You will often hear me saying "I stay ready so I don't have to get ready", and this is where I got it from!