Last year we went to Tulum for the first time in many years and we had a blast!  In spite of it being super duper hot and blindingly sunny we still had lots of great laughs, fun adventures and pasta so good we ate it for three meals a day!  Lucky for us we have great friends that own a great little Eco Hotel on the water with an excellent restaurant.  We are treated like family and they insist that we make the place our home!  As you can see here, Staley Rae is doing her daily grocery shopping in the open air restaurant!


In the middle of the day when it was too hot to be outside there were only two things to do... Drink cocktails (we recommend the Mark Dillon, named after someone specials Dada) and reminisce over cooler times with a little dude.


Another thing we love about Tulum is that there always seems to be a friend from home that shows up at the same time.  Staley Rae had loads of fun with Shreddy down in the tropics.   She also made some new friends, some ancient Mayans!

After a little siesta we love to jump in the ocean and hang out in our swimsuits to stay cool, How great are these huge screen doors off of the ample sized rooms?!  They let in tons of light and allow the ocean to bathe us in the peaceful sounds.

If you are up for an adventure there are tons of great cenotes, open ones and cave ones.  This is an open cenote that we visited.  The water was crystal clear with the most amazing hues of green and blue.  Loaded with fish as well.  Cannot wait to take Staley Rae here when she is more comfortable with the water.  It is definitely an experience you will not forget.

Smiles for miles on these faces!  This truly was a forced family fun vacation, but the humidity and warm waters absolutely made it worth its while!  With direct flights to Cancun from most major US cities, Tulum is an easy destination whether you live on the West Coast or the East Coast.  Make sure to eat at least one meal at Posada Margherita you will NOT be disappointed, we promise!

Sandy white beaches bring the mermaid in me out!

Staley Rae your Neon Rae travel correspondent signing off!