Plastic toys are not my favorite, but of course the little ones always seem to be drawn to their colors and have to have them, ughhhhh.  Since Staley Rae started really playing with toys I have tried to be conscientious about it and seek out either toys made of recycled products or wood.  These days there are plenty of great makers of said toys, but during my searches I have found some amazing toy makers! Hand crafted, made in the USA and with eco-friendly practices.  One of my favorites is Sweet Whimsy Designs or The Whimsical Sweet if you search on Etsy.  I recently had them make a custom set of Octonauts for me.  These friends of the deep sea don't have a huge offering of goods in the US, so I was super excited to get a wooden set.  Once they arrived I was blown away with the craftsmanship! and the details!!  They also threw in a Gup vehicle out of kindness!! Needless to say, I AM OBSESSED with this company and so should you be!