This weeks craft we found on the the Pinterest Page of Classic Play, an amazing blog from a radical Mamma from Baltimore!  Since Spring is in full effect here in Southern California why not spruce up those boring old pots! How fun to make them into smiley little holders for our plant buddies.  This is a great activity that everyone can get in on!  Classic Play decided to show us how using indoor plants, because they make us smarter duh! (thanks Science)

Gather up these things:
Unglazed Terra Cotta Pots with Saucers
Craft Paint in Various Colors
Small Houseplants
Potting Soil


Get Started!
Pencil a line around the pot.  
Make sure you are using an unglazed put, it takes the paint better!  Paint above the line with white paint.  Apply a few coats allowing each to dry before applying the next.  Now paint the bottom half with a contrasting color of choice, make sure to allow drying time between each coat.  To help fill the drying process down time, paint the saucer in between coats!  Add a little color around the rim of the planter, just for fun..  Now it is time to add on the face! Just go for it with a skinny brush, if you are feeling nervous feel free to pencil it on first :)  Almost done, just put in some soil, pop in the plant you chose and add a little water!  Easy Peasy and whoa how cute are these updated planters!