Looking for a fun indoor or outdoor crafting activity?  This gem of a craft that was inspired by our Pinterest finds and it gives you a little bit of both!  Take the little ones out on a nature adventure and encourage them to collect shells, leaves and sticks!  Once you get back home set up a fun little painting station, you can do this either indoors or outdoors (if weather allows), the fresh air will make this activity even more fun.  We suggest lining your working area with old newspaper or an old sheet.  You will need a variety of paint colors and paint brushes.  We found these great acrylic paints at Target, they come in a ton of colors from neons to metallics!  Now you are all ready to go!  Get creative and paint away.  Let the kiddos run wild with their imagination.  This is one of those activities that you will be able to sit back and observe :)  Even the little ones with little motor skills can do this one, in fact, it's a great exercise for them!  Let their painted nature finds dry for 6+ hours and there you have it!  These lovely objects make great gifts for family members too! Extra bonus about this activity!!!  This made a great activity for us when we had a little cold wreaking havoc on our house.  Staying indoors and resting can turn into a real challenge with a toddler.  Going for a short walk or stroller ride was a great way to get some fresh air and vitamin D.  We collected our nature treasures and headed home.  Painting the little treasures proved to be a relaxing and calm activity that allowed for the body to get that downtime it needed.  Not to mention this is a great way to not have to use TV or other screens as a means of rest!