Hello we are NEON RAE.

NEON RAE is a state of being.  Crafting and curating products for todays modern children.  


The core values at NEON RAE is quality ethical products and happiness.  We strive to use smarter methods while creating quality hand made products.  Crafted with care and pride of tradition in the United States. Limited carbon foot print is also very important, down to using green and repurpose-able packaging.  No harmful glues used to make our products every item is sewn by hand or with manual machinery. 

The first product to launch is the Woccasin Moccasin.  Offering both all leather and mixed leather and fabric moccasin for infants and toddlers.  Research has shown that bare feet are the best for young children learning to walk.  Unfortunately we don't all live in environments that are suitable for bare feet all the time.  The Woccasin Moccasin is a great alternative.  Roomy enough to let the toes spread and feet relax, with a protective layer of leather on the bottom.  This allows for babies to be able to learn to grip and feel with their feet.  

New seasons new offerings! Spring 2015 we started offering great toys and accessories that are eco friendly, educational and different! Some are even designed by kids (Oli and Carol)!  Along with the new toys are build your own gift boxes! great for new moms, new babies and even toddler birthdays, holidays or any old special occasion!

How did we get here?! I started out wanting to develop a kids clothing line but after lots of trials, errors and tribulations I decided to start by focusing on one product.  Inspired by my daughter and her ability to trash anything I put on her feet in a week, the NEON RAE Woccasin Moccasin was born.  I strive to use Eco friendly manufacturing practices and all production is done in sunny California!  The leather moccasins will of course wear with use but will at least hold up a lot longer.  Luckily my daughter's feet are slow growing, she has been wearing her current pair for 3 months and they still look great!  These moccasins also double as great house shoes for the less novice walkers.