SIZE 1 - 4" OR 10CMish

SIZE 2 - 4.25" OR 11CMish

SIZE 3 - 4.5" OR 11.5CMish

SIZE 4 - 5" OR 13CMish

SIZE 5 - 5.5" OR 14CMish

SIZE 6 - 6.25" OR 16CMish

SIZE 7 - 6.5" OR 16.5CMish

SIZE 8 - 7" OR 18CMish

SIZE 9 - 7.25 OR 18.5CMish

SIZE 10 - 7.75 OR 19.5CMish

HELPFUL TIP! My daughter (she is 4 years old) currently wears size 9 in regular shoes, but wears a size 8 in NEON RAE Woccasin Moccasins.  Generally I like to tell everyone to order 1 size down from what size shoe they normally wear.  

NEON RAE Woccasin Moccasins run a little big for lots of reason.  Top reason being so that your little one can wear these longer, tight fighting footwear and early ages can cause lot of issues later down the road.  Second most important reason, maybe you want to put in a shearling insert for those cold winter days or simply to be able to let you little one wear some chunky warm wool socks with them :)