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Mother Mountain Herbals' Dream Kit features a compilation of botanical tools to help create an intentional space for the insights you wish to receive or simply if you just want to sleep a deep beautiful imaginative sleep. The kit is packed up in a hand-stamped box and contains: 
** 4oz bottle of Sage + Salt Space Mist (exclusive to the set at this time)
A body, space, and linen mist formulated with sacred plant oils, sea salt, and Black Tourmaline gem water. Assists with clearing and cleansing unwanted energies and blockages. Use to offer a blessing, raise the vibration of a space, and to deflect negativity.
**Full sized bag of Psychic Eye Herbal Tea
Nourish your mind as you access the planes of higher consciousness. Mentally refreshing Gotu Kola and Holy Basil are united with magical mugwort and intuition enhancing blue cornflower. This tea assists with receiving information from the spirit realms and facilitates focus and attention outside of time. Enjoy prior to meditation, tarot readings, ritual work, or just before bed to promote vivid dreamtime.
** 2 oz bottle of Mugwort Dream Oil
A deeply relaxing, botanical body oil infused with the magic of witchy goddess Mugwort. As a beloved wise woman herb, mugwort has an affinity for synchronicities, dreamtime, and accessing the planes of the spirit realm. Relax your nervous system, explore your dreams, and honor your Self with a simple ceremonial massage before bed or meditation. This oil is warming and especially beneficial rubbed onto the belly during your sacred Moontime. Richly scented with therapeutic grade essential oils.
Did you know that everything dreams? Humans, plants, animals, rocks, mountains, streams, and oceans- even stars and planets dream. In the Shaman's perspective the dream realm and the spirit realm are the same. The wilderness of these places is vast and full of unlimited potential. It is what connects all souls to our collective wisdom. The function of dreaming is literally embedded in our DNA. And when we dream, we heal our emotional selves. Though they can be strange or frightening at times, dreams assist with our ability to deal with life's experiences and can provide powerful insight about our subconscious qualities. 

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